Stunning Destinations In India That Resemble Foreign Locations



Forget travelling abroad for a scenic holiday. There are umpteen destinations in India that will quell your urge to go on a holiday abroad.

Travelling the world now is more than just experiential – it’s a milestone, a tick on the bucket list, a feather in the cap, a leap towards the aspired life and more than anything – a fuel boosting your esteem needs and a currency of conversation among youth.

While international travel has always been aspirational and a thing of desire – the last two years of being home bound have been quite a game changer. With international borders being shut – domestic avenues have been our only escapade. Travel has had its “Eureka Moment” and travellers have not only learned to find love in their own country, but have awakened to the realisation – that we have treasure exactly where we sit, and we really don’t need to go out hunting for it.

India in itself is a rich plethora of landscapes that we haven’t completely discovered yet. As we set back into motion in a post-pandemic world, we are all set to unfurl our wings, ready to start jet-setting once again. Here is a list of ten interesting places in India that are no less than the foreign lands you aspire to be teleported to.

With not only much easier access, but are much lighter on the pocket and palatable to our crazy work-life schedules.

The Mont Blanc (France) feels in the Kangra Valley

A charming village called Billing lies in the heart of the Kangra Valley. It’s home to paragliders, but it’s still untouched by swarm of tourists. Situated 60 km from Dharamshala, this pristine, off beat, quiet Himalayan village is exactly what you need to unwind and detox from the hectic city life. Try your hands at paragliding, enjoy the scenic treks or rent a mountain bike – there is a lot to explore in this little paradise.

Let’s ditch England for the ‘Lake District of India’

Prettier than its “Firang” counterpart (Lake District of England), this jewel in the Uttrakhand , Nainital is adorned with some beautiful lakes – like Naini Lake, Bhimtal, Naukuchya Tal, These are sure to leave you bewitched in their exquisite beauty. With artistic landscapes, shimmering water, lush greens and snow laden mountain views, this place is rightly called the Lake district of India.

Sakura is overrated. It’s time to visit India’s Cherry Blossom Hub

While “Cherry Blossom” are synonymous to Japan and its iconic Sakura. Did you know that you can catch a glimpse of this mesmerising pink splendour in your own country? Ye. Shillong in Meghalaya is another Cherry-bloom destination which turns into a whimsical pink fairyland adorning the cherry blossom in the winter months particularly in November. Dotted in pink and white – this awe inspiring pink floral blanket is definitely a not-to-miss.

Frozen Gurudongmar lake is a glimpse of Iceland

One of the highest lakes in the world (elevation of 17,800 ft), Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim has a strong resemblance to Iceland’s Jökulsárlón lake.

Fed by glaciers, this clear blue water lake, located to the north of Kanchendzonga range spreads across 290 acres and is surrounded by snow-capped peaks. This pristine beauty is truly a breath-taking sight.

The terrain leading to this lake is quite rugged, but the beautiful alpine pastures, lovely rhododendrons and the final sighting of this mesmerising lake makes the bumpy ride totally worth it.

The Malaysian Cameron Highlands feel in Munnar

The town of Munnar in the Western Ghats is a unique experience for all tea lovers. This Unending expanse of tea plantations at an elevation of 1532m resembles the sprawling green terraces of the Cameron highland of Pahang, Malaysia.

Munnar over the years has become a sought-after travel destination – and is a proper tourist hub visited by tourists to experience the rich cultivation of this town.

A reflection of Engelberg, Switzerland in Barot Valley

Unblemished by tourism, Barot Valley is a hidden haven located in Himachal Pradesh. Perched in breathtaking valleys this is the next best thing to the Engelberg town of Switzerland. Picturesque sceneries, lush green mountains, deodar trees and fresh mountain air. This paradise is just what you need to get away from the maddening city life.

The island life of Maldives in Agatti

Stunning beaches, swaying palms, rhythmic waves serenading the magical shores is what makes Agatti an ideal coastal paradise. Its topography of the landscape is very similar to the Maldives. Offering deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking – like the Maldives , Agatti too is a heaven for those who love the sand and seas. Housing the most beautiful lagoons in Lakshadweep, Agatti is blessed with aquatic diversity, multi coloured fish, sea turtles, the most beautiful coral reefs, which is a hub for marine life.

Chitrakote Falls makes for India’s Niagra Falls

Chattisgarh’s largest and most waterlogged waterfall- Chitrakote Falls. Located in Bansar district, this waterfall has a very similar horse shoe shape and a strong resemblance to the Majestic Niagra falls . The mighty plunge, misty ambience and the unleashed powerful water current are sure to leave you awestruck in the grandeur. Watching these falls during rainy season is even more exciting –with the untamed Roar of the water making this experience even more thrilling.

Discovering ‘Paris of the East’

The quaint little town of Puducherry (Pondicherry) is a mood in itself. Rich in history and culture, the French influence is strongly felt in this city and it is often called “India’s little France”. The French legacy stays preserved with the architecture and cityscape. The old French buildings, street corners , Parisian home painted with pastel hues and a large majority of locals speaking French- this is a whole vibe- which is very different from other Indian cities.

Safari into Wild Indian Amazon

Situated on the south of Kolkata, Sunderban- the gigantic mangrove forests are truly a wonder- worth visiting. The thick tropical rain forests of the Sunder bans boast of a massive variety of flora and fauna- a unique ecosystem . A boating trip through this mangrove habitat is a mandate to experience the wild in its most raw form. You may be able to witness many endangered species hidden in the dense jungles, which make for truly a surreal experience.


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