Stuck in Mumbai Rains? Here are 10 Safety Tips

For a city that nevermore sleeps, rains make it happen to a stop with people dropping behind their vehicles on roads and driving back home.
If you or any of your sibling is staying in Mumbai, then here are dos and don’ts for you to retain if you are stuck in the storm.

  • Avoid travelling in your two-wheelers during rain

Travelling is a task in Mumbai. People have to go several kilometres every day to reach their desired destination. Some even travel over 100 kilometres to their work. However, some rely on two-wheelers to arrive places nearby, but riding two-wheelers can appear to be critical during rainy days. Mumbai roads have several potholes, and due to water-logging, the rider can’t spot them. It also moves a lot on wet streets. It is advisable to avoid riding in your two-wheelers during monsoon or days when it is raining.

  • Keep a track on M-Indicator

Local trains are recognised to be the lifeline of Mumbai, and every little update of it is accessible on mobile application – M Indicator. The app is so essential that it will give you updates on the progress of local trains, any shift in schedule, which will be the nearest station to you. Furthermore gives details about buses, autos, and other public transportation. So, if you are stuck anyplace, the mobile application will provide you with with all the updates.

  • Things that you must carry

 Assure that you are carrying protection gadgets when you move out during rains. You must also be extra careful and cover these gadgets from getting it soaked in the rain. A torch will help you find your space on streets with low or no light. Carry power bank as you may not know when your mobile phone battery will flow out, and if you get stuck in the rain, you won’t be able to update your family. Carry a waterproof pouch to hold your mobile and other belongings safe in the shower. Apart from this, keep band-aid ready and also a bottle of drinking water.

 At home, have an emergency light which will help you throughout frequent power cuts and also give your stock of food as you nevermore know that stores might get shut when steady rain and water-logging.  

  • Take care of your cash

If you are carrying cash, then be cautious as it might get drenched in the rain. Carry as much as money you need. You may take a few more cash in case you run out of money as most ATMs stop running due to storm.

  • Don’t rely on local trains

Relying only on Mumbai local trains during monsoon is not the best decision. Local trains are the first to stop working if it rains hard or if there is water-logging. Avoid running and taking trains and also stay away from the doors.

  • Avoid going near seashores

 Mumbaikars desire to go to Gateway of India, Juhu Beach and Marine Drive to experience rain but you never realise when there is a high tide or storm increases. The area near these points become wet. Hence, you should avoid travelling to these areas when it is drizzling.

  • Ensure There Are No Loose Wires at Home

To stop receiving an electric shock during monsoon, assure that there are no loose wires in the home. Water gets into your home if it rains too much, and these wires can be hazardous to your life.

  • Wear Comfortable Footwear

During monsoon, wear comfy shoes, wet shoes and avoid using one which has a smooth sole. Use crocs which are useful during rain. If you have to wear formals to the job, then wear comfy footwear and carry your formal to work and change it there.

  • Stay Away from Under-Construction Building

 If you are in Mumbai, you should stay apart from under construction buildings throughout the monsoon. There are instances of wall destruction or any portion of building collapsing. Stay apart for your protection.



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