social media – Twitter blue tick may soon cost you


Twitter is revising its user verification process, Elon Musk has said in a tweet, days after taking over one of the world’s most influential social media platforms. “Whole verification process is being revamped right now,” he has tweeted without offering an explanation.

But it appears (nothing has been confirmed)  that big changes are on the way and that may involve charging for the coveted blue check mark verifying the identity of its account holder, technology newsletter Platformer has reported. Platformer’s Casey Newton has reported that Twitter executives are “strongly considering” requiring those with the free checkmark on their profile pay $4.99 each month for a Twitter Blue subscription or lose their badge. But a report from The Verge suggests that Twitter is planning to charge $19.99 for a new Twitter Blue subscription, and that blue checkmarks will be lost to users if they don’t pay up. Users will have 90 days to subscribe before losing their blue tick.

The change may come as soon as November 7 as rumour has it that employees have been given a deadline to implement the changes.

The Twitter verification process has been shrouded in mystery and it doesn’t come easily. To get a blue tick accounts must be “notable, authentic and active” and that includes accounts of government officials, people representing prominent brands, news organisations and journalists, activists, celebrities, athletes and others.

The Twitter Blue subscription launched almost a year ago so people can have an ad-free experience as well as get special features, like edit tweets, upload videos in 1080p, and see what articles are being shared the most in their network. Yet, in the few quarters that Twitter reported earnings as a public company after the debut of the paid tier, advertising has remained a major source of revenue. Musk wants to grow subscriptions to become half of the company’s overall revenue.


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