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New Delhi: Over the past few years, there has been a significant transformation in technology. Technology drives each and every sector. As a result, a few years ago, nobody imagined that their favourite restaurant’s meal would be delivered with only one click. It seems that evolution is only improving at this point.

Along with the advancement of technology, risks are also increased. A Deliveroo user was shocked and incensed when the delivery person texted him to inform him that he had already eaten his food and that it wouldn’t be delivered. On Twitter, Liam Bagnall described his conversation with a delivery person. (Also Read: OMG! A dentist uses her mother’s milk to make jewellery; buyers laud mementoes)

According to the images of the texts, Liam posted on Twitter, the interaction started when the delivery agent messaged and apologised. When Liam enquired as to what had transpired, the rider responded: “The food here is delicious. You can report the Deliveroo Company once I eat this.”You’re a terrible man, Liam said. “I don’t care,” said the deliveryman. (Also Read: Good news for WhatsApp users! You can download PAN card, driver’s license, marksheet & RC among others; here’s HOW)

Social media users are raving about the chat. Many Twitter users responded to the tweet by expressing shock. If I ever got a message like this, oh my, a user commented. Has happened to me at least twice, according to another Twitter user.

He was really a pretty horrible dude, a third user said, “The sheer confidence, have to admire that.” Another said, “That is a man at his wit’s end with his job,” in addition.

He sent a screenshot of a conversation with the app’s support staff in which they informed him that a refund wouldn’t be available until after he received his item. Although Liam received his meal from a different delivery person, he expressed dissatisfaction with the food delivery app’s customer care for refusing to offer him a refund.

“We expect all the riders we work with to behave professionally and properly at all times, so we were sad to hear about this incident,” a Deliveroo spokeswoman was reported as saying by Mirror. We took this very seriously and offered the customer an apology, a gesture of goodwill that they accepted, and an arrangement for the dinner to be redelivered. We’re also following up with the rider urgently.


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