PUBG Comes with New Updates: Here is What You Need to Know!

PUBG has been already voted as the most favourite game of the Android gamers. Boasting off this success, the developers are on the verge of rolling out advanced updates in the coming days. After launching Vikendi snow map, PUBG Corp is looking forward to rolling out a mind-boggling feature in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile for gamers. The reports from trusted gaming sources state that the developer is all geared up to introduce yet another update to the Online Battle Royale game this month. PUBG’s new update in the town is expected to unveil the highly anticipated Zombie mode. However, speculations were on launching this update in an official collaborative venture with the Resident Evil franchise.

In road to the official launch, a piece of new news is creating noise in the market. It has been hinted that the forthcoming update would come with a new Zombie mode. The disclosed information also uncovered the fact that the update would be launched with a brand new death cam feature, MK47 Mutant weapon, and rickshaw called Tukshai.

The suggested reports claimed the Zombies mode of PUBG would consist of an accumulation of well-trained and robust players that will combat against 98 different zombies. It has been perceived that the Zombie mode in PUBG is loaded with a uniqueness of its own when compared to the standard games in the market. Moreover, Zombies will not be getting the privilege to utilise any weapons in the gameplay.
The new weapon surfaced in the game is the MK47 Mutant, an assault rifle which uses 7.62mm bullets, that is also employed by AKM rifle. The new weapon is devised to display combat through single and burst fire modes coupled with 20 round magazines.

The weapon comes with an advanced attachment called Laser Sight. This new MK47 Mutant Assault rifle is suitable ammunition for advanced action sequences since it is packed with improved hip-fire accuracy. The previous reports have claimed that more than 30,000 PUBG player accounts faced suspension owing to debauchery and fraudulent activities.

In addition to the above features, the online game will be featuring a new vehicle known as Tukshai. Tukshai is a vehicle that replicates the look of an auto-rickshaw, famously regarded as ‘Tuk-tuk’ in multiple Asian countries.

Other updates include, Erangel and Miramar maps boosted with new weather conditions such as rain and snow. However, the company is yet to confirm their place on rolling out a separate snow-filled map.
The reports suggest that the company is ready to introduce dynamic weather for Erangel and Miramar maps that provide the players with the freedom of changing momentary gameplay.

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