Indian cuisine shines in Dubai’s thriving F&B scene


Dubai‘s burgeoning F&B industry is steadily making its mark. Renowned for its eclectic culinary offerings, the city stands as a natural magnet for top Indian brands and culinary maestros seeking to establish their presence. Interestingly, despite the domination of global cuisines, Indian concept restaurants are slowly earning recognition, including in the Michelin Star list.

“The F&B industry in Dubai is thriving, with a diverse culinary scene. Indian cuisine is prominent in Dubai’s F&B market due to its popularity and the large Indian diaspora,” said Chef Rahul Rana, of the Avatara Restaurant, a Michelin Star restaurant in Dubai.

The Indian sub-continent is one of the most diverse in terms of cultures and regional food preparations. India is the spice capital of the world as 70% of the world’s spices are produced in India.

“Dubai is clearly the Middle East and North Africa’s F&B capital, as evidenced by Dubai dominating the inaugural edition of the MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, claiming six places in the top 10,” said Prashant Chipkar, Head Chef, MASTI, an Indian inspired Michelin Guide restaurant in Dubai.

Chipkar shares that for an Indian restaurant to be bestowed with a coveted Michelin Star in Dubai signifies the arrival of Indian cuisine on the global stage.

“Dubai’s recognition as the world’s fourth-best destination adds a prestigious element to the inclusion of Indian restaurants. With internationally acclaimed chefs opening in Dubai, Indian chefs are inspired to strive for Michelin Stars as well.””F&B is all about attention to detail, and achieving an immersive excellence requires delving into details of food, operations, ambiance, and hospitality,” added Binu Prasadd, Head of Operations at Kulcha King, an Indian restaurant in Dubai. Indian restaurants set themselves apart by presenting ethnic food preparations rooted in heritage and culture. The age-old traditions of India provide an opportunity for Indian chefs to showcase their culinary prowess in Dubai.

Indian Cuisine Shines in Dubai's Thriving F&B SceneAgencies

Indian Cuisine Shines in Dubai’s Thriving F&B Scene

What does it take for a brand to stand out in the competitive Dubai culinary landscape? With over 5,000 new restaurants emerging across a wide range of scales in Dubai, Manisha Advani, Executive Chef of myGovindas, an Indian restaurant, and Founder of Soul Sante Cafe, an Indian Vegan Cafe in Dubai, highlights the intense competition.

“But, the diversity of Indian cuisine is a great opportunity. It is all about offering something innovative that doesn’t lose its essence,” Advani added.

Strategy plays a pivotal role. Avatara, for example, focuses on showcasing the rich diversity of Indian cuisine while incorporating modern techniques without compromising flavours. They also prioritise service and hospitality, not to mention creating a unique ambiance that reflects the Indian culture heightening the dining experience.

“Continuous innovation, menu development, and staying abreast of emerging food trends are essential. Maintaining consistency in food quality, presentation, and service is vital to build a reputation for excellence,” added Rana. Avatara’s approach even extends to a purely vegetarian menu that excludes onion and garlic. The restaurant has ingeniously utilised less popular ingredients like bitter gourd to craft some of the most remarkable dishes featured on their tasting menu.

As the city embraces the vibrant tapestry of global flavours, Indian restaurants are carving out a niche by celebrating tradition and innovating their way to culinary brilliance.


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