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Looking for something truly Indian and unique to gift ahead during your vacations to different destinations in India? Check out GI-tagged products from various regions of India that make for the finest local artisanal touch and fabulous shopping option. Already a big hit with foreign tourists, GI-tagged products from India are gaining traction
across the world.The Banarasi Paan

banarasi paanAgencies

The celebrated Banarasi Paan recently received the geographical indication (GI) tag.This tag signifies that products from a specific geographical location possess qualities that are due to that origin.

Known For:
Fragrant and popular for its delicious taste, the Banarasi Paan is made using special ingredients and often eaten as a mouth freshener or after-meal digestive. Paan leaf is a rich source of Calcium too.

Take Pride:


Varanasi-based products including Banarasi Langda Mango, Ramnagar Bhanta (Brinjal) and Adamchini Rice have also received the GI tag, said Padma Awardee GI expert Rajinikant. With this development, the Kashi region

now boasts of 22 GI tag products. The annual turnover of these products is pegged at Rs 25,500 crore.Shopping Delights:
The Kashi and the Purvanchal region had 18 GI products since some years now. These include: Banaras Brocade and
Sarees, Handmade Bhadohi Carpets, Mirzapur Handmade Carpets, Banaras Metal Reposi Craft, Varanasi Gulabi Meenakari, Varanasi Wooden lacquerware and Toys, Nizamabad Black Patri, Banaras Glass Beads,Varanasi Softstone Jaali Work, Ghazipur Wall Hangig, Chunar Sandstone, Chunar Glaze Patari, Gorakhpur
Terracotta Craft, Banaras Zardozi, Banaras Hand Block Print, Banaras Wood Carving, Mirzapur Brass Utensils and Mau Saree. (IANS)

Wood Carving From Ladakh & Basohli

Painting From Jammu

The entire region of Ladakh attracts tourists from India and abroad for its hiking, treks, bike trails and homestay
options. The architectural beauty is enhanced by its unique wood carvings.

As per ANI report – The people of Ladakh region expressed joy after Ladakh wood carvings received a Geographical
Indication (GI) tag recently, which came as a significant step towards promoting their unique traditional
crafts industry.

Local Artisans: Giving commercial enhancement to traditional artforms by local artisans of Ladakh, the wood carving skill brings along livelihood options too. Wood carving has been a vibrant art form in Ladakh for generations. Basohli
Painting from Jammu has its cultural significance deeply embedded in the region’s heritage. The local artisans are hopeful of their works getting new opportunities in the domestic as well as international markets.

Kangra Tea From Himachal Pradesh

kangra teaAgencies

As per ANI report, Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra Tea gained international spotlight when it recently received European Union Geographical Indication Tag (GI tag).

Boosting Sales In Eu
The tag indication of Kangra Tea shall improve chances to be sold in enter the European market. In fact, Kangra Tea
had received the Indian GI tag in 2005. Since 1999, the cultivation and development of tea have improved constantly in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh.

Tea Boards
Kangra Tea is grown 900-1,400 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the Dhauladhar Mountain range in the Western Himalayas. It has a nutty, woody aroma and a sweet aftertaste. The development and cultivation of Kangra
Tea are being promoted and looked after by four departments Tea Board of India Regional office Palampur,
cooperative and agriculture departments of the state and CSIR, IHBT Palampur and Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Agriculture University, The teas produced in the Kangra Valley are green, oolong, white and orthodox black types.

Assamese Gamosa – A Big Hit Variety & Uniqueness

bihu 3Agencies

The GI Registration is for eight types of Gamosa, namely Uka or Xadharan Gamosa, Phulam Gamosa, Bihuwan,
Tiani or Pani Gamosa, Anakata Gamosa, Telos Gamosa, Dora Boron or Jor Gamosa, and Gossain Gamosa.

After the GI Registration, others from outside of Assam’s earmarked region of artisans and weavers shall not be allowed to make or market the product. The registration is a legal acknowledgment of the goods for a certain geographic area or territory. Thousands of weavers in the state will be protected due to the GI Tag. (IANS)

The Beautiful Gond Paintings

gond paintingAgencies

As per ANI report, the famed Gond painting of Madhya Pradesh has received the prestigious Geographical
Indication (GI) tag.

Tribal Achievement
Padma Shri awardee and famous Gond artist Bhajju Shyam said, “It is a matter of pride for us. With this, the people of tribal and Gond dominant communities will now get direct benefit.”

Nature-Centric Lure
Gond paintings are about nature, trees, plants, animals, moon, sun, river, drains, God and Goddesses. What
traditional foods are fed, how plough is made, how the king used to fight, how the powers of tantra mantra
(Black magic) worked, all of these local practices are explained and documented through these painting. In
the district of Dindori, Gond paintings are made with much joy by artists.

Shop & Gift
GI-tagged products from India are indeed unique and a fine reflection of our rich heritage.

We can all usher awareness by shopping from local businesses to support traditional artisans, weavers, farmers. Join hands to boost the grassroot economy.


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