“I was brave enough to follow my calling”


Written by Isha Jain
As a kid whenever I came across the question, what is it that you wish to become when you grow up? I used to be clueless because I didn’t know. For me having a job with a decent income was enough. I didn’t know what was my calling then.
After school, when other children knew what they wanted to pursue further, I was just focused on graduation. However, with time I did develop an interest in the banking sector. I prepared myself in the same way. I would enter a bank and would see myself working there someday. This is what led me to apply for my first competitive exam for the position of a clerk. In my first year I prepared and applied. I gave the written test for practice and to see the outcome. I cleared it. I was happy but confused, what if I get the job? The interview date came and I travelled with my mother for an interview to a different city.
I saw applicants nervous, the guy before me was next and he kept combing his hair. When my turn came I was ready. When I entered for the first job interview of my life, I saw four professionals seated in front of me. They asked questions one after the other. I answered. They finally asked why you wish to join so early? Why don’t you study further as you are good in studies. I answered. But the same question had been spinning in my head much before they asked.
I wanted to attend my college first and this is what was written for me. I wasn’t selected and in some way, it was a relief. I went further to do a Diploma in Banking and Finance with my final year of college. This diploma (JAIIB) has a significance in the banking sector and gets you an increment. I looked forward to applying again for my dream or this is what I made myself believe.
I continued preparing and giving bank exams as I made myself believe that this is what I wanted to do until I was exhausted. I switched to the private sector and took a job to search for my calling. After working for around six months with an export company, I resigned. For I knew this wasn’t it and waited to apply at Infosys where I was supposed to get interviewed the same day I joined this company.
I applied, got selected and my new journey began. I thought maybe this is it, I worked as a junior accountant and somewhere I was content. I participated in numerous competitions at Infosys among which one was a DC level caption contest for a women initiative. I participated, I won and got recognised. I shared my poems on the floor and got appreciated.
My team changed but recognition only increased. I had earned the tag of a “writer& and it made me happy. I put in every effort in my job only to realize that I cannot continue further. A chain of reasons pulled me down and that gave a reason to introspect.
I left the job after 13 months, took a break to find what it is that I actually wanted to do. I knew I enjoyed writing and it seemed purposeful, so I researched content writing. Fulfilling my friends’ wishes, I started a blog of my own. I did an internship, created a profile on a job search portal, landed a job as a financial writer, and opted out of it to explore different writing projects.
I have done numerous internships, done a full time job, worked as a freelancer with companies on interesting projects and so on. I have authored two books and co-authored four among which one is in Hindi as well. I found my calling in writing and when I look back I realize that never in my wildest dreams had I thought of becoming a writer.
When I look at myself today, I feel content, nostalgic, proud, and happy because no matter how much I was criticised, I was brave enough to follow my calling and carve a rare path for myself. This is me!
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