HP Omen X Gaming Laptop Review

Gaming laptops continue to raise eyeballs of many although the PC market has lost its shine. The recently published IDC report stated that HP is the leading player in the Indian market. Putting impetus on the gaming segment, HP launched its premier gaming series laptop- Omen X in India. The launch encompasses laptops, desktops, VR backpack, and accessories as well. ‘X’-series of HP mostly comprising of flagship devices.

HP Omen X, specially branded as the HP 17-AP047TX, is manufactured to replace desktops experiencing smooth gaming. Omen X is configured with the most powerful features that Nvidia and Intel think offers in recent time but at a surprising price tag.

HP Omen X- Design & Display Review

HP tops the list in terms of construction and design. Omen X is designed on the combination of high-quality plastic and metal, that delivers an incredible hulking look to this gaming device. The robust stance paired with the swift shape of this device contribute towards its compelling look. However, Omen X is massive both in weight and size. This device approximately weights 5kg and cannot be held comfortably on the lap.

This gaming laptop has its back customised with plenty of LED lights, mostly RGB LEDs and rear exhaust vents. It has a lid, keyboard, and supports C-Type ports, Gigabit LAN port, HDMI, 3.0 USB port and Mini-Display port as well. The laptop is supplied with separate sockets for the microphone, headphones and SD card slot are placed on the sides of this laptop. Omen X is configured with a 17.3-inch excellent Ultra-HD display paired with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The 4K display option with a high-quality 144Hz G-Sync display is exclusively available for Indian customers. It supports playing of videos with full-HD resolution.

Omen X is designed with a full-size mechanical keyboard coupled with RGB per-key backlight. There are a lot of adjustments configured in the key placements within the keyboard to make it user-friendly to operate and cherish the perfect smooth gaming experience. The laptop is configured with a multitude of air vents as well as a little acrylic window. It comes in a pack with a massive charger, that is identical to a small set-top box. VGA dongle is also made available in the package.

HP Omen X Gaming Laptop- Specification

HP Omen X is available in India with three options for configuration, and luckily all of them are powered by Intel core i7-7820HK CPU. This particular breed of Intel CPU is outmoded, but it provides a lot of facilities to the users in terms of performance benefits and operations. Omen X is one of the handpicked gaming laptops that is designed with an overclocking multiplier. It is powered by a quad-core processor with multi-threaded CPU, and its maximum clock base speed touches upto 2.9 GHz when paired with Intel HD Graphics 630.

HP Omen X- RAM Specification and Battery

Omen X operates on Windows 10 Pro boosted with pre-installed latest apps. This featured gaming laptop possesses 32GB DDR4 RAM with Intel’s XMP memory support. The main component armed with this smart device is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 paired with 8Gb GDDDR5X RAM. It provides a variety of network connectivity options such as 4.2 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, and is powered by a non-removable 6-cell battery alongside containing stereo speakers. Omen X comes implanted with BIOS updates and Omen Audio Control option as well.


HP Omen X- Operating Performance and Battery life

HP Omen X consists of 4K or Quad-HD panel, that allows smooth running of apps in an excellent condition. The gaming laptop fares well in terms of performance while multitasking is done. Slowness is noticed since the CPU performance equipped in Omen X is excellent. However, it still lacks the performance delivered by the latest 8th generation version. The laptop executes video encoding, file compression, and 3D rendering in a reasonable time but it takes a few seconds or minutes more when compared to that of Core i7-8750 H CPU.

HP Omen X-Gaming Performance

The gaming performance of HP Omen X is applaudable since it is equipped with GTX 1080 GPU. The smart device is incomparable in delivering outstanding performance in the real gaming world. Omen X is not infected with heating issues since the palm rest and key area of the keyboard stay cool in spite of their exhausted usage. Omen X comes with an excellent screen display and resolution that is even complimented with the best quality graphics. Audio and video quality of this gaming laptop already received appreciation from the users. One drawback of this laptop is its sound quality; while other gaming laptops in this range have the decent sound quality, this laptop fares average in this section.

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