How Banana Leaf is beneficial

India has a long-standing culture of serving meals on banana leaves. Especially in areas down South, eating meals on banana leaves is deemed quite excellent and auspicious.

Most people use banana leaves to attend an actual south Indian spread on festivals and family get-togethers. They are also reflected quite pure and are often used for giving prasad to the deities.

These thick leaves are big acceptable to serve a multi-course meal classifying from sambhar to chutneys. You can also cut individual leaves in various sizes and put them on a plate of any extent.

 Advantages of Banana Leaf 


Banana leaves include large amounts of polyphenols that are essential antioxidants. These are obtained in many plant-based foods and green tea.

Food served on the banana leaves consumes the polyphenols, which are said to stop many lifestyle disorders. They are also said to have anti-bacterial qualities that can kill the bacteria.


Eating food on banana leaves is one of the usual efficient and cost-effective alternatives to go for. You don’t need to disturb about using those extra bucks on tons of devices.

 Just take a few banana petals from the banana tree, and you’re done for the day. Only wash the leaves with water and get going.


Perform a smart move and ditch those plastic disposable utensils for banana leaves as they are much eco-friendlier. Not only do they decompose in a slight chance, which we all know most kinds of plastic do not, but they also keep the extra time and energy that would have unless gone in cleaning the dishes.

Chemical-based dishwashing soaps and liquids further enter the groundwater and could harm the water table in the long run.


It is always an excellent approach to eat on banana leaves as it is undoubtedly more hygienic when connected to other utensils. Everyday utensils have to be washed using soap, and there are chances that traces of soap may remain on the tools even after cleaning.

Those particles might end up poisoning your food. Banana leaves have a wax-like layer that stops dirt and dust from adhering on the surface of leaves. It also combines subtle and earthy qualities to the meals that are served on the leaves.

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