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New Delhi: Since protein powders are an easy and practical way to get a full serving of high-quality protein, they have steadily grown in popularity among gym-goers.

While several fitness freaks opt for protein powders as a nutritional supplement, some still look out for natural food alternatives to complete their diet.

To refuel yourself straight after a workout, here are some alternatives for those who do not like the taste of protein shakes or simply do not wish to take the processed powder.


Be it any milkshake or smoothie, milk is one superfood which is available in almost every household, with plenty of nutrients containing 3.4g of protein per 100ml. So go on and make a cool milkshake for yourself and keep aside these market-based protein shakes.


How one can forget about fish when talking about protein? Being an excellent source of protein this super food can give you a staggering 23.5g of proteins per 100g.


Eggs can be quite inexpensive and the availability of this food is also pretty easy. Be it salad dressings, omelettes, boiled ones or half fries, eggs are just so amazing and can be a great replacement for such supplements.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be very useful to add extra protein to your diet, as they are made of peanuts which are a rich source of proteins and provide 29.5g of proteins per 100g. Grab a jar for yourself and relish this superfood as and when you want.


Belonging to the legume family, lentils can be served as great superfoods in contrast to a protein shake, they are relatively quick and easy to prepare.

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