Google Maps Introduce Auto Rickshaw Feature for Delhi People

Google on Monday unveiled a new feature inits Maps App where commuters in Delhi will be awarded the facility to view auto rickshaws under the “public transport” mode in Maps. Once you select the mode, you will be suggested with the available routes as well as the estimated auto-rickshaw fares. It would undoubtedly help the commuters to plan their trips accordingly.

In a media statement by Google, the tech giant said this advanced feature could be found within the “public transport” and “cab” modes in Google Maps. It is based on the presumed route for the trip, and the official fare chart has been already shared by the Delhi Traffic Police.

This is a step to weed out the commuters’ pain of ending up paying extra cash for a trip. For an unfamiliar journey, commuters are lacking an astute knowledge about the best distance or route, and hence they overpay sometimes.

This latest innovation from the search giant will also enable the users to plan their journey in a better way. They can have a look at the expected expenses need to incur for a specific auto-rickshaw ride and decide whether they want to take it all the way. In some cases, they might opt for a different mode of transport after having a look a tit.

Google, however, has maintained silence on whether they are planning to roll out this advanced feature for commuters in other metros like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai. For the time being, this feature is currently available in Google Maps app for Android devices for people travelling in Delhi.

If you are a resident of Delhi and planning to use the feature, update Google Maps to the latest version. Open the app,search for a destination, then click on directions and go to the public transport tab. Commuters will be able to view the auto rickshaw result in the”Also Consider” section. Once you choose the mode of transport(auto-rickshaw icon) on the screen, you can view the approximated price of the journey and the route’s traffic information.

Then tap ‘Navigate’ to begin the trip. The company has inferred that the same option is made accessible via the”cab” mode on Google Maps.

India Emerges in The Top 5 Countries For Online Mobile Gaming

When the entire nation is going digital, mind-blogging news is tabled by a leading mobile advertising platform, POKKT. According to their recent report, India has emerged as the top five markets for mobile gaming in terms of users.

Previously, India was never considered a robust market for PC games or gaming consoles. But the surging demand of smartphone coupled with the availability of cheap mobile data has made it easier to achieve the unachieved. Several factors are contributing to the rise of India along the ranks, ensuring a massive increase in mobile gaming across the country.

The report also stated some key figures which are worth convincing for a developing nation like India.

A key number signifies that more than 222 million active gamers are seen spending an average of 42 minutes in playing mobile games on a daily basis over 5 sessions in the country till 2017.

According to Rohit Sharma, founder of POKKT, ‘More than 80% of all game revenues in India were generated by mobile games. These games are highly enticing to the gamers since one-third of them is playing five days per week or more. A considerable section of people nearing almost 40% spends more than six hours per week playing mobile games.

The number of active gamers is even boosted by the entry of Reliance Jio in the telecom space that created a massive depreciation in terms of call rates and data packages. The mobile app ecosystem in India received a significant boost with the entry of Jio in the market.Therefore, mobile games experienced an extensive increase in data usage.

The detailed report confirmed that Ludo King is the top game played by Indians and it has clocked more than 10 million active users. On the contrary, Subway Surfer has emerged as the second most popular game in the country with daily active users of 5 million. Temple Run is ranked third in the list of top games in India with regular active users of 2.5million.

The report mentioned that there are variable audience profiles associated with highly intense mobile gaming. Four different groups have been identified that include males and females with age so ver 15, mothers and kids. The males and females in the age bracket of more than 15 years have contributed to 38 million and 21.4 million of monthly audience respectively.

Males with 15+ years are spending around10-20 minutes per session on playing mobile games on a daily basis across 4-5 session. Females with 15+ years and mother usually spend 8-12 minutes per session across seven sessions each day. Kids enjoy an average session duration of 10-15 minutes in an approx 4-5 sessions.

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