Gamer Shorts app gets 25 new games


Hyderabad: Gamer Shorts, a mobile application developed by Hyderabad-based 7Seas Entertainment on Wednesday said it has added 25 new games. At the time of its launch in August, the application had 25 short mobile games.

7Seas Entertainment Limited, formerly 7Seas Technologies Limited is an IP-based game development company. The application can be accessed by Apple and Android users. “India’s budding online gaming market has seen an unheard-of rise in recent years, propelling it into the top five global markets for mobile gaming. The next emerging industry is online gaming, which is growing at a rate of 38 per cent,” said L Maruti Sanker, MD of 7Seas Entertainment Ltd. The new games added into the app come under categories of action, adventure, arcade, platform, pool, puzzle, shooting, soccer, and sports genre. The users of Gamer Shorts get multiple short games and news in a unique format. Gamers will enjoy playing all the games during their free time, the MD informed.

The short games business is rapidly expanding and improving its standing in the gaming industry. According to a KPMG report, India currently has 420 million online gamers, second to China. The report predicts that after five years of steady growth, it will have tripled in value and will be worth $3.9 billion by 2025.

By delivering quick and concise gaming news as it happens, Gamer Shorts fills a gap in the gaming industry.


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