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Diwali 2022 Effect: As Delhiites gear up for Diwali celebrations, they may also have to face the brunt of poor air quality. The general populace was really excited to finally celebrate Diwali after two years. Everyone had been awaiting celebrating Diwali in the traditional manner since COVID-19, but Pollution was also waiting. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi’s 24-hour Air Quality Index (AQI) was 259 on 23rd October 2022 which is said to only get worse.

What happens if this post-Diwali Pollution continues?

1. Long-term effects

The main cause of breathing issues today is air pollution. Cardiovascular problems, pulmonary insufficiency, and chronic asthma can all be brought on by prolonged exposure to this air. It is advised that pregnant women avoid strenuous exertion in such air quality because a high intake of this air could result in complications.

2. Environmental Effects

Earth’s temperature is rising because of air pollution. All of the icebergs and glaciers in the polar areas are melting as a result of the rising temperature. Every year, 1.2 trillion tonnes of ice melt, converting into water that ends up in our oceans. These long-term consequences of firework air pollution can trigger a serious climate crisis.


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We must all unite and make a commitment to stop contributing to increased pollution. Delhi is wrapped in a dense smog cloud every year, but this doesn’t have to remain a tradition. Let’s celebrate Diwali and abstain from polluting the environment.

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