Delhi government vs Centre: National interests need to be prioritised, says Centre while defending Ordinance


As the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi slammed the Centre over the new ordinance giving unbridled powers to the lieutenant governor, Union government officials cited examples of capital cities across the world such as Washington D.C, Berlin, Canberra and Paris which are jointly governed by the federal and state government.

“The central government is responsible for national security and defence, and having control over the administration of Delhi ensures effective coordination and implementation of security measures in the capital city,” stated a note released by Union government officials, defending the new ordinance.

Delhi is a union territory with a unique status and capital of the country. “Having control over the administration allows the central government to ensure that national interests are prioritized over local considerations,” said the note. “The central government has access to national resources and expertise, which can be effectively utilized in managing and developing Delhi. It can allocate funds, implement national schemes, and leverage its network of experts, resources and institutions to drive development in the city, which as the capital city, deserves to be the shining light amongst all urban centres.”

The Delhi government has been demanding statehood, but control over ‘public order’, ‘police’ and ‘land’ have remained with the Centre. Further, in 2015, the Union home ministry brought supervision of ‘services’ under the LG.


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