Another Foggy Morning in The Capital, Air Quality Slumps

The air quality in the national capital and its surrounding regions remain at a substandard level with no improvement being recorded in the foggy morning on Monday. The air quality remains ‘dismal’ and the minimum temperature recorded at 7.6 degrees Celsius, a little below the season’s average.

The System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) predicted an increase in air pollution over the next two days which will lead the air quality to an inferior category.

The daily pollution analysis recorded by SAFAR states that a surge in air pollution over an upcoming couple of days will certainly deteriorate the quality of air standard over Delhi and its adjoining regions.

Showers in sparing quantity might degrade the air quality since high moisture obfuscates the wash-out effect. The overall air quality in the capital is considered to be ‘very poor’ with tranquil winds on the surface and reduced dispersion.,

Western disturbances are predicted to create a significant impact on the Delhi air quality by making the air moisture-laden and making it heavy simultaneously. The expected downtick in temperature coupled with moderate fog is more likely to bring down the inversion layer to keep both gaseous and particulate pollutants near the surface.

The weather office predicted a clear sky in the early part of Monday, and it would become partially cloudy thereafter.

There was slight to moderate fog in the morning and haze or smog is expected towards the latter part of the day. The sky was about to remain clear, but only it would become partly cloudy in the later part of the day. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) official inferred that there was 97 per cent humidity at 8.30 a.m which created an abnormal condition for pollutants to disperse.

The maximum temperature on Sunday reached 24.8 degrees Celsius, a little higher than the season’s average while the minimum temperature was settled at 8.2 degrees Celsius, a jag below the season’s average. The maximum temperature on Monday revolved around 24 degrees Celsius.

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