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About Us

Talkalerts being founded by Creative Digital Brain, a renowned digital agency of Mumbai, in September 2018 has become a leading Information Portal for the Millennials of today. Talkalerts mainly focuses on all latest and buzzing events across the globe. It provides information on the latest trends, covering mainstream topics namely Gadget, Gaming, Travel, and Health.

Our core Management team comprises of renowned professionals from various industries who aggregate news from multiple sources and display the best information in front of you. We aim towards producing advanced-quality content that profoundly engages with the readers who are focused on keeping themselves updated with trending events. We create viral content that is highly appealing to the readers and can be shared socially across all the leading networking platforms. Our content is created and curated by a team of experienced writers who have catered to a variety of clients from diverse industries. Through our content, we intend to connect with the audience and understand their emotional flexibility. We are pleased to offer a variety of content to our readers who are in different moods. We open the gateway for healthy debates and buzz by showcasing information as opposed to perception.

Our Mission at Talkalerts is to provide information for the youth that is optimised according to their thinking ability and perception.We believe in holistic progression as a content provider by serving more research-based information on the top 4 verticals.

With the help of our buzz-creating platform, we keep you informed with what’s happening in the real world of gaming, gadgets travel and health. We strive to create a deep connection with our audience through the creation of content pieces like blogs and videos. Our cross-platform network includes our site and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Within days of our launch, we have received a tremendous response from our audience. Our website is receiving bulk traffic on a daily basis, and the only way from here is uphill. Our journey to the top might be challenging, but it would be equally amazing for us and our readers.

So, keep yourself updated with the recent alerts and delve into the world of trending news and stats handpicked from some of the trusted sources around us.