7 Latest iPhone Tricks That You Should Be Aware Of

Are you carrying an iPhone and showing off the device to the entire world? Did you get a chance to explore its features? Well, just like other smartphones, iPhones come loaded with specs that are enticing and exciting. But above everything else is the bundle of secret features it carries with it. We have jotted down 7 staggering iPhone tricks that had existed out of your knowledge.

Here are they!

Headphones clicking photos? Yes, its possible

Very few of us know that headphones often come to the rescue of clicking brighter pics when your phone fails to do the job. A lot of people are of the idea that iPhones are meant for clicking the best-quality snaps but not every time. Sometimes, the photos get blurred. Here, headphones play a crucial role since it acts as a shutter button and clicks remarkable snaps that are visually appealing to the eyes. You need to press the centre of the headphone and click a perfect snap.

Close 3 apps simultaneously

Very few people know that you can wipe off the clutter in your iPhone by dragging your three fingers up on the multitasking menu. Not only pictures and web pages support multi-finger gestures, but also you can shut multiple applications simultaneously without wasting much time. This makes your phone free from the mess.

Access iPhone even if it is locked

For other phones, it may be a problem to access files when the screen is locked. But for iPhone users, there are no worries. Even when your iPhone is locked, you can click photos and access the assistance of Siri. You just need to activate Siri by normally pressing on the home button twice. You can also click a photo by pressing and tapping the camera icon.

Switch to Airplane Mode and Secure Faster Charging

It is imperative to know that the mobile battery can be charged much faster if you put your iPhone on Airplane Mode. Your mobile battery gets juiced up with greater speed in this mode compared to that in the normal.

Correct the Typo Error

Have you committed a typing mistake while editing photos or typing a text? Just shake the phone, and your mistakes are going to be rectified.

Rectify Siri’s Pronunciation

Just like commoners, Siri wrongs in pronouncing certain words. Notably, it commits mistakes when calling certain names of individuals. So, if Siri says something wrong, tell it. Just after a mistake, you need to say “That’s not how you pronounce.” This command will let Siri ask you the correct pronunciation.

Dial a Number and Improve Your Signal

How to determine where you will get the best network connection on iPhone? To choose the place where your iPhone connection is the best, you need to type *3001#12345#* into your iPhone’s dialer and hit the ‘call’ button to open the hidden Field Mode tool. The menu present in the sub-surface converts your bar chart-based signal indicator into an unambiguous analogue signal displayer. With the number below -100, you will not be able to send text properly, nor you will be able to stream live HD videos on YouTube.

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