7 Best Tourist Spots to Visit During Christmas 2018

The festive season is knocking the door, and people all over India are eagerly waiting to celebrate Christmas and celebrate the new beginning with a bang. While the entire country is gearing up for Christmas celebrations, there are some places in India where it is considered a carnival. People celebrate Christmas in these places with acute excitement and brimming enthusiasm.

Here are some places that you could travel to if you want to make a memorable 2018 Christmas.


Christmas is incomplete without snow, and hence you must head to Manali for playing in the snow, go skiing and snowboarding, hang out at flashy roadside cafes decorated with Christmas trees and dazzling lights. You can sit by the fireplace in your comfortable, little hut. Meanwhile, don’t forget to sip on hot chocolate in such a chilling ambience.


One of the snowy and famous hilly destinations of the north, Lansdowne is one of the highly-rated hilly destinations during Christmas in India. This guileless, secluded hill station offers you a much-needed break from your busy schedule. This charming hill station houses high-quality music and delicious food that are favourites for everyone. Visit this pace with your friends and family, and you will crave for more.


The unanimous choice of the millennials of the modern era, Goa, is widely hailed for midnight beach parties, friendly conversations, bustling bars and pubs, fantastic cocktails, cathedrals decorated with lights and flowers, kids singing melodious songs, and night-time mass gathering in cathedrals.


It is a paradise of the north-east that gets decorated during December. The city serves a multitude of fun and engaging activities during the festive season. It is one of the finest places to visit during Christmas in India.


This place in the south is renowned for its pleasant weather in December, calm and serene beaches to hang out at with your friends, and numerous gothic churches and cathedrals that become decorated to create a visually appealing scene for your eyes.

Daman & Diu

This is one of the prominent destinations to visit during Christmas, but it presents a multitude of cultural exhibitions like Corridinho (a Portuguese dance). This place has a number of churches which remains crowded with people from various parts of the country. Will billions of lights illuminated in the overhead sky, Daman and Diu become a cherished hilly destination for many.



The place is situated at an altitude of 5,410 feet. This picture-perfect paradise makes this festive season more fun and lively. The place is characterised by a breath-taking view of sunrises and sunsets, neat and clear roadsides, stunning natural beauty. If you are a trekker and an ardent explorer, this place will give you the perfect opportunity to hop around this place. The incredible ardour among the localities to celebrate the festival will mesmerise you. This is another hilly destination that will serve you with delectable things for Christmas.

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