6 Things You Should Be Aware of Before Traveling to Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka has over 2,550 years of constantly recorded history by methods for the Mahawansha and was likewise referenced in a few antiquated Indian writings. A standout among the most well-known is the Ramayana, where the island, which was alluded to as Lanka, was the island fortress of the lord Ravana. What’s more, over many hundreds of years Sri Lanka has had many names. 

Same as different nations in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka too is a traditionalist country that takes pride inits customs and social qualities. This is actually why youshould observe a couple of things to abstain from doing in Sri Lankawhen you plan to stay there, critical and bother free on this lovely island. 

Try not to turn your back on a Buddha statue 

If you turn your back on a Buddha’s statue it is considered as disrespectful. Regardless of whether you need to click a picture, you ought to face the statue. Try not to click a selfie with the Buddha statue in the background. 

Request permission before you click 

Before clicking a photograph, you should request the permission. If the local is comfortable, then only click a picture. Simply don’t do whatever that will make local people uneasy.You may require a special permit before clicking in the historical places, museums etc. 

Try not to get confused by the head shaking. They are not saying “no.” 

In Sri Lanka, local people regularly shake their head from side to side. The head waggle doesn’t mean a’no.’ This is the manner by which the Sri Lankans say ‘yes’ or ‘alright.’ So, don’t aimlessly imagine that the Sri Lankans are declining constantly. 

Try not to eat with your left hand 

Eating with the left hand is disapproved of. This is on the grounds that the left hand is viewed as ‘unclean.’ So, if it’s not too much trouble utilize your correct hand while eating. Likewise, while eating you are required to utilize your hands.You won’t be given any cutlery alongside your food. 

Avoid enjoying PDA 

Holding hands in public had been accepted but don’t indulge in anything more than that as it’s a bigNo. On the off chance that despite everything you have the inclination to take a kiss, do what the Sri Lankan youth do.Keep an umbrella helpful, take cover behind it and make it extremely speedy. 

Negotiate with tuk-tuk drivers 

Always get into a tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) with a meter that is working. Make sure to negotiate with the tuk-tuk driver or else you may have to pay double fare 

Sri Lanka is a delightful and tranquil nation; ideally, these tips will help you in making the best of your vacation in this island heaven.

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