5 Things to avoid doing right after meals


Post meal rituals may vary from person to person, while some people love going for a relaxing siesta, others prefer going for a quick smoke or taking a relaxing bath, but have you ever thought about how it affects your health?
Every person has a different way of relaxing after meals, but do you know that there are certain things you must avoid doing right after having an elaborate lunch or dinner as it can impact your digestion and affect your metabolism. Read on to find out…

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No sleeping
Taking a nap after a meal may seem like a happy experience, but doing this can hamper the process of digestion and may take a long time to break down the food molecules. Thus, it is best to avoid sleeping right after eating a heavy meal.

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No smoking
If you are someone who loves smoking right after a meal as a daily ritual, then this will impact your health and metabolism silently. According to health experts, smoking after a meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes.

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Avoid bathing
Always avoid bathing right after eating a heavy meal as it delays the process of digestion. This is because bathing impacts the blood flow around the stomach, which flows to other parts of the body during a shower and hampers digestion.

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No fruits
No doubt fruits are healthy, but eating them right after meals can lead to indigestion. The best time to eat fruits is 2 hours before or after the meal, this will help in boosting the metabolism and help in better absorbtion of nutrients.

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No tea
Tea is usually acidic in nature, this is due to the presence of caffine, which makes it difficult to digest the food. In fact, taking a cup of tea right after the meal can interfere with the breaking of food molecules and cause indigestion as it ends up hardering the protein content in the food. Also drinking tea after meals can hamper iron absorbption. So, it is best to avoid drinking it after meals.


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