PUBG Cracks Down Over 30,000 Malicious Accounts for Cheating

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the most widely-played games available in the market today. The online Battle Royale game has gained maximum popularity in a short span of time. The game is available for both PC and Mobile gamers.

According to the newly released media reports, PUBG Corp has banned over 30000 account users for making use of hack technology to win the game effortlessly. Now, a rumour has surfaced on the internet that ‘High Court of Maharashtra’ has banned PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Corporation has recently started rolling out the new Vikendi Snow Map update for the PUBG Mobile users. The latest update encompasses a brand-new snow map. In this update, the developers have also worked on security features as well. The game is now furnished with stringent rules and the security features that report dubious accounts. The update also allowed the developers of PUBG Corp for cracking down more than 30,000 fraudulent player accounts.

Company’s advanced security features and its Battle Eye algorithms help the company in detecting these watchful accounts. The game manufacturer found to their distress that over 30,000 player accounts take used methods such as Radar Hacking to win games and competition.

These users have used Radar hacking technology, an advanced method employed by users to procure server information and feed that data to an external device using Virtual Private Network (VPN) post collecting the same. This method allows the fraudulent players to fix their eyes on positions of all the players on a secondary device that eased their path for winning the game.

The report further mentioned that these hacks were executed by the users participating in the PUBG Mobile’s e-sport competitions in Europe and North America. The developers are taking robust action against them and therefore decided to take down all the suspicious accounts.

After the suspension, several players and accounts have accepted the fact they are blocked from playing the game. One popular account that experienced the crackdown is TEXQS’ Ozdemir of Pittsburgh Knights who reportedly won $36,000 in prizes in last one year. Investigations are going on against him, and until found guilty, the user account will remain suspended.

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