Is Your Phone Displaying Fake AADHAR UIDAI Number? Delete It Now!

In the past, we have seen how the credibility of Aadhar has been questioned again and again in connection to various circumstances. The data concerns have been escalated repeatedly, and we are apprehensive about the confidentiality of Aadhaar data. Previously, we have witnessed that the UIDAI’s helpline number getting automatically stored on the mobile phones of Android and iPhone users. Creating an alarming situation, an incident along the same line has occurred that claims that the helpline number has been saved in the device in the name of UIDAI in the contact list automatically.

The report procured from News18, one of the authentic news sources states that the Android and iPhones users are asserting that the 1800-300-1947 number has been saved automatically in their contact list without their prime permission. This number is considered to be the fake UIDAI’s toll-free number. It has been reported as well that the users have never saved the toll-free number of UIDAI. However, the UIDAI authority has not yet addressed the press and media regarding their take on this incident. No official remark has been made on how the fake toll-free number from UIDAI got automatically saved in the contact list of Android and iPhone users.

In August 2018, a similar event took place which raised complaints from people across various spheres. The experts are of the belief that it is of utmost necessity for the users to delete this fake toll-free number from the contact list once they come to know about it. UIDAI has however clarified that the toll-free number1800-300-1947 saved in your mobile device is due to the default ‘Vested Interest Trying to Create Confusion’.

In the past, UIDAI has disclosed the fact that the UIDAI toll-free number stored in the contacts of android devices and iPhones is incorrect and does not bear a resemblance to the actual one. The governing body states that UIDAI has never commanded any telecom operator or smartphone manufacturer to save their toll-free number in the contact list of the users

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