Dyson pet grooming kit available at Rs 9,900 in India – What it is, how to use? Check here


Dyson pet grooming kit price in India: Singaporean based multinational technology company Dyson recently announced the launch of its pet grooming kit  in India. Engineered to provide respite to the challenges around pet hair, the new tool allows pet parents to brush loose hair off their pet and directly into the Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Pet grooming kit: All you need to know

The pet grooming kit has been priced in India at Rs 9,900. Dyson’s new Pet grooming kit for its cord-free vacuum cleaner is available at Dyson.in and Dyson Demo stores. According to the company, the users can buy the Dyson Pet grooming kit to groom medium and long-haired pets.

– It includes a Pet groom tool, extension hose and quick-release adaptor. 

– The grooming brush has 364 slicker bristles that are angled at a 35-degree flex to an upright position as you brush. 

– It can be used without the vacuum being switched on, and post-grooming it can be switched on to suck up the hair.

– Engineered to remove loose pet hair and dander in an instant

– It sucks loose hair directly into the bin – so they don’t drop around your home

– Compatible with Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaner range available in India

Why it is important

“For many pet owners, the frustration of constantly clearing up pet hair and dander is an everyday problem, particularly as people spend more time indoors with their pets. Dyson Engineers are obsessed with making machines that clean better, especially when it comes to pets. They went to extraordinary lengths to study the science behind pet hair and introduce the game-changing Pet Groom tool that helps capture not only the pet hair that’s visible but also the invisible dander and dead skin flakes shed by pets,”  Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson, said in a statement. 


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