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5 overrated honeymoon destinations to avoid in India

5 overrated honeymoon destinations to avoid in India

Nov 25, 2022, 09:22 am
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These honeymoon destinations are overcrowded and overhyped

As weddings are lighting up every nook and cranny of the country, newlyweds are looking for some honeymoon destinations to spend some quality time.

You may have many places in mind when you think of a honeymoon, but trust us, most of them are overhyped.

Instead, less-touristy places will offer you a better holiday.

It’s best you avoid these overrated honeymoon destinations in India.

One of the most common honeymoon destinations in India, Mussoorie, “the Queen of Hills” remains crowded throughout the year with busy markets and streets.

Also, there’s not much to explore in this small hill station except the Kempty Falls.

Instead, you can head on to Chakrata which is surrounded by verdant forest and the Himalayan ranges.

You can climb the magnificent Kharamba Mountain here.

A popular hill station in South India, Ooty is slowly losing all its charm due to growing commercialization along with frequent instances of water shortages and pollution.

Also, the overcrowded market and jam-packed streets are definitely not a desirable experience during your honeymoon.

Instead, you can visit Wayanad in Kerala surrounded by vivid greenery. You can visit several fascinating wildlife reserves here as well.

One of the most visited honeymoon destinations in West Bengal, Darjeeling has also been a victim of overcrowded streets and annoying morning traffic.

There’s not much to witness here except the Kanchenjunga sunrise from Tiger Hill.

Instead, you can visit Assam which houses some underrated gems like Majuli Island, Satargaon, and Garbhanga along with popular wildlife sanctuaries.

Don’t forget to buy some tea here.

Shimla has lost its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere over the years.

Shimla‘s Mall Road is no doubt famous but you won’t be able to take a romantic and soothing walk down these streets since you are bound to bump into other tourists.

Instead, visit Narkanda at an altitude of 9,000 feet.

You can trek to Hatu Nag here or visit the Tannu Jubbar lake.

One of the most popular places in Rajasthan, the royal city of Jaipur is a favorite holiday destination among newly married couples.

However, the massive tourist inflow along with offensive odor, unclean locations, and expensive accommodations has made the place less than ideal.

Instead, you can visit Bundi, a relatively unexplored destination that is full of ancient palaces, baolis, temples, and forts.

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