5 most beautiful colleges in India with picturesque campuses

5 most beautiful colleges in India with picturesque campuses

Nov 24, 2022, 03:33 pm
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These universities in India will stun you with their architectural beauty

Imagine studying in an institution that not only offers academic excellence but also incorporates picturesque green surroundings and rich architectural elements with layers of history.

There are several college campuses in India that will make your eyes pop and lure you to take admission right after graduating from school.

Here are five beautiful educational institutions in India with stunning campuses straight out of fairytales.

St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai

Founded in 1869, St. Xavier’s College is an architectural marvel that was declared a heritage structure by the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee.

The campus is decorated in Indo-Gothic architecture and features an in-house museum that preserves rare old books.

Spread over 1.18 hectares, the campus has an auditorium with secret underground passages and a popular leisure area called “The Woods.”

Spread over 1.2 hectares of land, Pearl Academy was established in 1993 and offers a beautiful amalgamation of traditional Indo-Islamic architecture, contemporary style with collisions of formal geometry, and classic Rajasthani designs.

The design of the campus is inspired by ornate Rajasthani building elements like self-shading, baoli, open courtyards, and jaalis along with multiple pillars and railings to create a thermal underbelly.

Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru

Spread over 150 hectares, the Indian Institute of Science was established in 1909 through the economic and educational reforms by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata.

The institute features a European architectural style designed by German architect Otto Koenigsberger.

It has 40 departments, six canteens, a gymnasium, shopping centers, an airstrip, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a sports complex, and grounds for playing cricket and football.

Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee

One of the most popular colleges in India, this institution was established in 1847 as the “College of Civil Engineering.”

It was declared an institution in 2001 which resulted in the change in name.

Spread across 365 acres, the institute is nestled in the secluded town of Roorkee, Uttarakhand in the foothills of the Himalayas. The campus features a modern architectural style with heritage buildings.

Manipal University in Jaipur

Spread over 122 acres of land, the Manipal University resembles a royal fort or a palace. This multi-disciplinary college was established in 2011 under the Manipal Education Group.

The campus features spacious and grand establishments along with lush lawns, modern architecture, and flowerbeds.

It also houses a sports complex, a gymnasium, libraries, labs, and much more. Everything that constitutes a dream college, right?

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