5 Android Browsers You Have Never Used but They are Great

An Android smartphone is the powerhouse of all high-voltage activities starting from sending emails to your peers to playing power-packed games like PUBG. We all know how much we are reliant on Google in procuring information for our daily activities. We spend considerable time browsing on Google for relevant stuff that ideally aligns with our choice and needs. Most of us are only acquainted with names like Firefox, Opera, and Mozilla as the suitable browsers barring Google. But, this blog is all about those supreme performers in the market that are not renowned but deliver stellar performance even better than some of the flagships.

Try one of these unique Android browsers and assure you would not repent for the same in future.


This browsing app comes with a tagline-‘Read the web smartly’. This unique browser is engineered by LinkBubble and Quickly. Flynx is provided with an on-screen indicator that helps you in handling multiple tasks at the same time even you have other apps open in the background. It is packed with a multitude of smart features that include the likes of double-tapping links, intelligent ad-blocker and easy link sharing. It also enables you to open in-app links, providing a satisfactory reading experience. It has an uncluttered interface and is loaded with unlimited bubbles.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

What about a website that gives you the option to restrict the collection of the critical data you don’t want the website to collect? Yes, Ghostery Privacy Browser is one of them and allows you to browse freely weeding out the possibility of data encroachments.
This browser institutes privacy during browsing and allows you to reopen multiple tabs even after closing them. This is a secured browser that ensures full privacy.


This is another unique android browser that is rumoured to be one of the fastest ones in the business. The browser comes with optimised controls of brightness levels alongside leading-edge features like passcode lock, private mode and a basic ad blocker. Other than containing enhanced plugins, it comes with a Day/Night mode that changes the theme colour matching the time of a day. This browser gives you the opportunity to share posts on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter at ease. It allows gesture-based browsing and equipped with a robust downloader.

Next Browser

The browser was originally in the Go Launcher team making it a highly-efficient one. It serves as the most suitable option for daily readers. The RSS feed reader is embedded in it that helps in saving pages for reading in future. It preserves the battery life by closing all the running processes. This browser has a user-friendly interface and is packed with advanced features like multiple customisation options, support for flash, and cutting-edge extensions.

Naked Browser

This browser is enabled with elementary looks, but it boasts of the advanced suite of features it possesses. It is perfect for users who are opting for increased speed browsing. It is loaded with a functional UI, assisting in fast loading of websites. Some of the cool features of this browser One finger zoom, infinite tabs and crash restore. This browser is ideally suited for those users who opt for enabled functionalities rather than a variety of ancillary features. The browser on its own optimises speed when opening large-paged websites and also come with side menu gesture.

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